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Just how well are your anodes protecting your vessel from electrolysis? Until the arrival of IonGuard the only way to find out was to slip your vessel, or hire a diver; both very expensive solutions.

IonGuard’s through hull fitting allows the anode at the end of the unit to be withdrawn and checked on regular occasions. The condition of that anode will reflect the condition of the other anodes that are protecting the vessel. On small craft the IonGuard anode will provide sufficient protection on its own making checking and replacement simplicity itself.

IonGuard is suitable for all types of commercial and leisure vessels and is the inexpensive solution to a potentially very expensive problem. Plus it has other benefits. Racing yachts or fast motor vessels can withdraw the anode when underway to reduce drag, while those vessels that move from saline to fresh water on regular occasions can change their anodes to the right type very easily.

Make sure your expensive sterngear is being fully protected by fitting an inexpensive IonGuard unit. You can find out more from the brochure and a presentation regarding sacrificial anodes and IonGuard which are available from our downloads page.